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The set of cards is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of  healthy teeth for children. The product is educational and intended for schools, dentists, and  preventive health care institutions. Available only in Slovene language at the moment! The product can be localized. Please contact us:


Your goal is to run a successful and sustainable business. Build the reputation of your brand by bringing more responsible products to market, reinvest your profits wisely, and win awards to edge out the competition and emerge victorious.

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Get the coolest Christmas gifts for your friends in this quick, easy and fun game. Budget your money and pick the special products to gain more points. Find the best ways to move around the board and collect the most money. Added value: children will learn how to deal with money, search for multiple solutions and practise decision making. Shopping ™ was created by educational games experts.

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Collect the most points in this intelligent, fast and ever-changing game. Save the powerful cards to collect the biggest stacks, but don’t keep them for too long - if you have them at the end of the game, you will lose lots of points.

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Black Tom


Black Peter is a well-known, fun and simple card game for kids. This game also has an advanced mode which offers much more fun and dynamics. Added Value: This game has been designed to involve multiple cognitive processes and help children learn simple calculations.