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The original cooperative board game for 1 - 6 players. Band together against raging natural disasters, safeguard fragile ecosystems, solve daunting environmental challenges and reduce the threat of global warming back to zero. Can you steer civilization towards a sustainable future … or is this "game over" for humanity?


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Let’s Fly

"Let's Fly" is an original card game in which players plan airline connections all over the world.


An original board game for 2-4 players with beautiful illustrations and a playing theme from the Netflix film My Father's Dragon.


Use your knowledge, tactics and some luck in this original, quick and fun trivia game about Slovenia for two players!


Learn the products to multiplication operations that have always made your head spin.


Turn the concept of memorization into amazing fun. Meet Oona, Baba and their friends Marvin and Isabelle, and try to remember exactly where they are at the right time. Use your own markings, shapes and doodles to enhance your memory and score points in the process.


An original card game for two players with beautiful illustrations from the film WolfWalkers. Expansion included.

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A strategic memory game. The game is copyrighted. Free use is allowed only for personal use. Commercial use is not permitted without the explicit permission of Value Add Games.


The Fire Brigade is a cooperative game. You and your team are members of a fire brigade; you are fighting fires and other unpleasant situations by working together and persevering.